Living Water Dog Wash is located in Littleton, CO  and is a self-serve style wash that works just like
a self-serve car wash.  Simply use your credit card or pay cash, select option and wash your pet.
This is the first in Colorado like it and you will enjoy using this machine.

•Keep It Simple! – easy to use – no worries!
•Easy Access – dogs easily step up into wash area – no need for dog steps/lifting
•Hair Free Non Slip Floor – clean and safe
•Rotary Switch/Dial – easy to switch between wash cycles – similar to self serve car wash
•Intelligent Digital Timer – scrolling instructions, displays last minute in seconds, can add additional
money up to 20 seconds after time expires – ease of use
•6 Wash Cycles – become your own professional groomer – including conditioner and flea & tick
options – as well as a disinfecting option-
all water is soft and heated water.
•Soft Touch Wash Gun – easy on/easy off – adjustable flow positions and pressure depending upon
the need for specific breeds
•High And Low Speed Dryer Options – warm air and turbo dry option will accelerate drying time
•Affordable and Efficient – $10 for 10 minutes – say no more!

Dogs tend to get dirty after a busy day in a Littleton, CO Dog Park or a hike in the mountains.  
Before you go home stop by Living Water and wash your furry friend.  
No More "Wet Dog Smell" at home!
Littleton, CO      

7373 W. Chatfield Ave. Littleton, CO  80128
Phone: (303) 972-8685       
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