The service has
received many
compliments from
customers.  They are
noticing the shine and
best of all getting
polymer protection
from Mag Chloride!
Another innovative idea brought to you by
Living Water Car Wash in December 2010.

Mag Chloride can cause pits and discoloration of chrome, undercarriage rust, brake rust, wire harness
deterioration and the list goes on....  In collaboration with our chemical supplier we have developed a POLYMER
Protection package that adds a Polymer into every nozzle including the undercarriage wash.  The chemist behind it
calls it a RAIN X on steroids but is not a sealant.

Because so much damage shows up on the undercarriage we decided to apply protection there as well and not
just to the paint and chrome.  Smells like GRAPE and is applied to the entire vehicle.  You will notice a shine like
you have never seen before.
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