Littleton's Best Car Washes
Our Littleton, CO car wash location features 4 self-serve  
bays and 2 Karcher automatics. These
automatics                                         your vehicle as its
washing.  No other brand of automatic washes in the area
have 1200psi!
Living Water Car Wash
Littleton, CO

7373 W. Chatfield Ave. Littleton, CO  80128
Phone: (303) 972-8685       Email:
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All facility services using a code.  Feel free to enter code at the carpet shampoo machine
then at the
vacuums and finally wash your vehicle in our self-serve bays. Simply re-enter
code at PAYMASTER when finished and you will receive
ONE charge on your credit card for
all services used.  Simple and easy!   
Littleton location only.
Self-Serve Under-Carriage Wash
Triple Foam is fun for the whole
family!  This is a great low pressure
service that children can apply to
"help" their parents wash the car too!
Triple Foam Conditioners are formulated for today's clear coat
finishes. They are designed to clean and shine the surface by
utilizing surface-active ingredients and silicone polymers.  It
dispenses three different colors of conditioning foam.  Applying
Triple Foam Conditioner twice a month to your vehicle provides
the highest level of year-round protection.  Try it and notice the
Our Hi-FlowTriple Foam system
puts the foam on the vehicle FAST,
much faster than other
time-consuming tri-foam systems
on the market.  It will save you time
and $$!
The only one on the market today for self service bays!  We can service many vehicles like
trailers, RV's, and boats, that cannot fit in the automatic wash.  Now these vehicles'
undercarriage can be washed in the self-serve bays.  Littleton location only.

Several of our customers
asked us if it was possible to
pay for JUST an
the automatic bays.   Since
we could not program that
option in our automatics - we
invented it for our self-serve
New Blow Dryer for the Self-Serve Bays
Blow-dry your vehicles or motorcycles to a spot-free finish!  Are you the die-hard self-serve
The Air Shammee is an in-bay, hand-held, touchless vehicle dryer that allows customers to
user that forgets to bring a chamois or towel to dry off your car?  We've solved your problem!  
Use the Air Shammee to dry your vehicle in the shade of the self-serve bay.  It is especially
effective to blow out those places that hold water until you drive the mirrors,
motorcycle engines, door handles, gas tank covers, grills, and other cracks and
crevices...which leave unsightly trails of dried water all over your car.  
Hi Flo Triple Foam
Our Littleton location also
features the first of its kind in
Colorado....The self -serve dog
wash Click image to learn more.