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Our self-serves are sized large enough
for boats and RV's.

We are proud to host German-engineered equipment with performance that is unmatched in the
car washing industry. It is important to administer high quality cleaning while at the same time
using chemicals that are effective but gentle on a vehicle's paint and sensitive finish. This is
what we are accomplishing at Living Water.  We have also programmed our automatics to have
the optimal chemical dwell time needed to clean a car, which allows the chemicals time to "eat
off" dirt and grime.  
Our Automatics have 1200 PSI making it able to get the toughest of dirt off.
No other brand of automatics in the area deliver this cleaning power.

CONTOUR washing allows us to penetrate the tough road films with the highest water pressure
in the industry. The precision comes by profiling your vehicle using laser eyes. Perfect contour
control at top, front, side and rear is the key to our unrivaled washing and drying results.

RACKS, LADDER RACKS, LUGGAGE RACKS, ETC.  If you have these accessories please use
the BASIC and ESSENTIAL washes instead. The lower two washes do not include the Contour
option and will give you a great high-pressure wash without damaging your vehicle or our

Our automatic washes can easily accommodate large vehicles like Hummer H1's, full-sized
SUV's,  full-sized duallys and lifted 4 x 4 trucks as you see on the left.

We know the busy and recreational lifestyles of our customers.  We have designed our
self-serve bays to accommodate a variety of vehicles such as
RV's, boats, horse trailers,
recreation trailers, tractors, etc.
We have over-sized bays that can accommodate just about
anything you can drive or pull in! When using the Self-Serve Bays, throw in the towel and try our
Spot Free rinse! The Reverse Osmosis water will leave your car virtually spotless!

Unlike other car washes, we only use safe, vehicle-, customer-, and environment-friendly
biodegradable detergents.  No harsh and dangerous caustic or acid products are used at Living
Water. In the Automatic washes, you may have noticed that we allow the detergents a longer

"dwell time"
thus achieving maximum cleaning ability. Beware of car washes that clean vehicles
quickly, as they might be using unfriendly harsh acids and caustics to achieve a faster wash
process!  This process actually burns the dirt off and can damage the clear coat finish of your
vehicle leaving a dull appearance.  Washing your vehicle at Living Water will not only
keep your
car cleaner but will keep it shinier
. It is the end result of using quality products like our
machines, detergents, dwell time and conditioned water.
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